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arizona taxidermy

arizona taxidermyarizona taxidermy

arizona taxidermy

Kyle Thorn and Grady Smith

Specializing in Arizona Bird Taxidermy
Beautiful Bird Taxidermy For Sale

(Click the thumbnails below for pictures of our work)
arizona taxidermy bob white quail Bobwhite Quail, Valley Quail, Mearns Quail, Gamble Quail and Blue Scales Quail.
arizona taxidermy pheasants Pheasants. Ring Neck, Golden, Green and Melanistic Pheasants, Flying and Standing.
arizona taxidermy chukars Chukars, Flying and Standing.
arizona taxidermy mallard duck Waterfowl. Standing, Flying, With Habitat.
arizona taxidermy turkeys Turkeys. Strutting, Flying, Standing, With Habitat.

We Now Have 2 Locations!! Surprise, AZ and Flagstaff, AZ!! Call ahead!!

Exquisitely Mounted to Adorn the Everyday Home, Office and Frontier Cabin

Whether you enjoy hunting, wildlife art, waterfowl, upland game-birds, interior decorating or design, these mounts will be perfect for you or a wonderful gift!

Grady Smith and Kyle Thorn are both licensed taxidermist. Both were trained by Bob Hancock and both love to hunt. They started working together in 2010 when Kyle was looking for more training after Bob officially retired. Kyle became an apprentice and his expertise grew. Grady and Kyle are quite a team. They have become award winning Taxidermists. Together they have over 20 years of experience. The goal of Arizona Wings is to provide quality taxidermy work and customer service is the number one priority.

Our years of professional experience allow us to create artistic and truly authentic bird mounts. The mounts are realistic to the smallest detail. All materials used in our taxidermy business are the best available. If you would like a particular mounted bird, we will do our best to procure it.. legally. We also offer artistic bird mounts. Water, habitat scenes, pedestal and custom bases available, call for a quote on your special project.

TAXIDERMISTS: Let us handle all, or just part of your bird mounting needs. Just ship your frozen birds to us, and we will ship them back to you in a very timely manner. They will be professionally mounted and ready for you to hand back to your customers! We also carry quality hand made bases and cholla wood.

INTERIOR DECORATORS: We offer a wide range of ready mounted game birds and waterfowl. If you would like a particular bird, we will do our best to procure it, legally.

10% Discount for all police, firemen, and military.

Browse our website for more information and examples of our work.

Arizona Taxidermy, Taxidermy for sale,Wildlife Decor! We offer a full line of bird taxidermy mounts for sale for decorating and enhancing your home or business, supplying both individual and corporate accounts. Custom and special orders welcomed! We look forward to your comments.

Members of the Arizona Taxidermy Artists Association
Life Members of the National Taxiderist Association
Members of the Arizona Pointing Dog Club